AICAS is a Non Government Organisation founded in 1989, with the objectives of development and growth of the profession of Chartered Accountants, to provide necessary education, training, assistance and guidance to Chartered Accountants to enable them to serve trade, industry & commerce effectively and utilise their professional skills with independence, integrity and intelligence.


AICAS in the past has organized very successful and informative National and International conferences on relevant and emerging topics very successfully with participation from all over India and abroad.

The Chartered Accountant World

Among the host of activities carried out by AICAS, is the regular publication of its monthly newsletter “The Chartered Accountant World” with a circulation of more than 40,000 copies to professionals in India and overseas, besides Journalists, Senior Bureaucrats, Members of Parliament and Ministers, Banks, Institutions, SEBI, RBI & DCA and International Agencies and electronic communication to over 1,50,000 through our Chartered Accountants and CFO World database.


To build a platform for learning, quality and excellence; facilitating better environment for growth and development.


  • To safeguard the dignity and interests of members of the fraternity and wide ranging stakeholders
  • To examine and advise the sought after and the seekers, furthering resolution of difficulties
  • To review and publish enriching content
  • To lend voice to the plaguing concerns and issues of the profession, and the industry and the economy as extensions
  • To impart training to the professionals and professionals- to- be, that said, not to leave behind the commons who have relevant interests and curiosity.
  • To provide the platform, the reach, the access to organized information
  • To help the stakeholders stay updated with the recent developments around the industry and profession
  • To extend, spread and support the research work and the output in the fields of accountancy, financial management, personal finance, tax management, tax planning, legal awareness, management consulting and related offshoots
  • To empower Chartered Accountants in carrying out their duties
  • To have a holistic review of government policies, union budgets, legislations and reforms and strive to have a positive impact on the same
  • We are dedicated to promote the fundamental principles promulgated by ICAI

We are dedicated to promote the fundamental principles promulgated by ICAI

Integrity- straightforward, forthright and honest conduct

Objectivity- unbiased and unprejudiced approach

Professional Competence and Due Care

Due care competence and diligence and having a continuing duty to maintain professional knowledge and skill at required level


Unless the regulatory regime warrants non-disclosure of information owned by the client

Professional Behavior

Refrain from discrediting the profession and actions that being disrepute to the profession

Technical Standards

Technical standards formalized by the various core committees and concerned bodies of ICAI and other parallel literature

We are inclined to disseminate information to sensitize the concerned parties to the principle of Independence covering both

Independence of mind- the state of mind that permits the provision of an opinion without being affected by influences that compromise professional judgment, allowing an ndividual to act with integrity, and exercise objectivity and professional skepticism; and

Independence in appearance- the avoidance of facts and circumstances that are so significant a reasonable and informed third party, having knowledge of all relevant information, including any safeguards applied, would reasonably conclude a firm’s, or a member of the assurance team’s, integrity, objectivity or professional skepticism had been compromised.

And also helping them address various threats to independence and ensure objectivity is not compromised

  • Self Interest threats
  • Self Review threats
  • Advocacy threats
  • Familiarity threats
  • Intimidation threats

Along the process we back knowledge management, sharing of expertise, coming together of like and bright minds.


From managing treasury, developing risk management strategies to shaping business stratagem CFO World brings for today’s CFO, a whole gamut of ideas, concepts and innovations, enhancing their skills and exposing them to the international competencies in the new economy. Promoted by All India Chartered Accountants’ Society (AICAS), CFO World provides the professionals, a forum to excel in the domain of finance and emerging related areas.

Vision to mould tomorrow

A World of global professionals - That’s how CFO World perceives the future by shaping CFO’s that are tomorrow’s CEOs in the making.

Discover opportunities with CFO World

CFO World is a platform that brings together the best of financial brains. A fraternity that strives to provide befitting interactions to CFOs of elite corporates, enabling them to identify the new challenges and revolutions in the financial world. That brings to them the benefit of:

  • Exploring new ideas
  • Getting proficient in new concepts emerging in business
  • Interaction with peers
  • Learning with the experts

Evolve with CFO World

CFO World provides a regular platform to members to participate in varied programs to enhance their skills. And creates in CFO, a professional who is an active member of a globally sensitive business management team.

CFO World – an expanse of benefits

CFOs and business managers from India and the developed world, profit by mutually sharing their vast knowledge and experience. CFO World provides them terrific opportunities to sharpen their skills through interaction amongst experts from varied domains of CFO activities.

  • Exposure of global environment
  • Cross exposure of various industries
  • Knowledge of internationally acclaimed best business practices
  • Research synopsis and data bank from varied segments of business and industry
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